but the greatest of these is love.
this is my story of a summer that will be inspirational and challenging and wonderful and unmistakably charged by the Holy Spirit working in and among 40 college students from around the United States and the people we meet in Traverse City, Michigan.

Blessed night

Every Thursday evening, we have an outreach around the area and tonight I went with one of my roommates, Mandy. There is a bridge I had seen the other day while running with a long dock running along the water and I thought it would be a good place to go because there were a lot of people down there fishing and the like when I last checked it out.
So Mandy and I got down there and this very nice man was sitting on some luggage and we told him who we were and were apart of and asked if he would like to take a picture survey. He was very interested in it and said yes almost right away. We got to the first question, “Pick three pictures that describe your life right now,” and he ended up picking 5. He picked a picture with a mountain, trees in the fall, a family, a person sleeping on a bench, and a sunset. We asked him why he chose those cards and he said, “Look around. What do you see?” There was just one other family fishing in the distance, but I said something about the peace and beauty of the place. He said that he loves nature, he loves to people watch and he loves color. He was talking about his life being homeless and a drifter for about 15 years. He talked about traveling with the circus, and he talked about all the places he has been. When he talked about some of the people he has met from traveling around, sleeping under bridges, etc., it was very endearing because he spoke with such compassion and understanding. Some of these people are on the streets because of bad decisions in their past, some are just wanderers, and sometimes they have no other choice, but the way they connect is very unique. They have nothing to hide and they don’t look down on each other because they are all in the same place. They watch out for each other and they really love each other. 
There was also another older man and woman who came later and they had all known each other from a year ago. All three of these people believe very strongly in God and say it is what has carried them through life. Donald is the man in the second picture. He is a very sweet man. We were talking and he started quoting a whole chapter from Matthew or some other Gospel. And then we prayed together and it really made me so thankful how God creates people to need each other.. no matter where we are. I had brought a Bible from home that I don’t use in case I could give it to someone I met and it was in my book bag which I brought with me this night and I asked them if they would like to keep it and Donald said he would like to. .. So there is a picture of him holding up that Bible. (I must also add that I felt slightly bad for them because it was getting dark but I still wanted to take pictures and the flash was really bright… but they were really nice and cooperative for me! :) )
Sue and Mandy talked the most. She has a really kind spirit. She gave us a lot of information of the local charities around here and places for us to connect with churches that minister directly to the homeless.
These people are wonderful and probably out of Traverse City right now (I am finishing this a day after) Jim was headed to another part in Michigan and Sue and Donald were also headed to other cities. God creates divine meetings and he really humbled my heart tonight. He is all together good and wonderful and He really showered me with blessings and His love tonight.
Traverse City is a beautiful place to spend my summer growing in my faith and love ..for God and for people.

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